Sunday, March 14, 2010

What do you do?

As you all probably know St.Patrick's Day is on March 17 which is this coming Wednesday.
Will you be wearing green? Or are you going to be pinched?

Do you decorate your house in Green?
Do you have a special dinner like the Irish do?
or do you act like its just another day?
What I do

I WILL be wearing green because I do not like to be pinched lol ☻
♣ I might If I have The time ♣
♣ Me and my Family don't have a special dinner or anything but we do like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

♥ How do you celebrate Easter?♥
April 4th is Easter Sunday as you all Probably know

What do you do ?

Do you color Easter eggs with your Family?
Do you decorate your house with paper Easter Eggs?
Do you do Resurrection eggs every night with your family?
Do you Read the Easter story to your kids?
Do you go to Easter morning service with your family and/or friends?
♥ We color Easter eggs with our family every year. ♥
♥We might decorate if we get a chance.♥
♥We do Resurrection eggs every year.♥
♥ We read the Easter Story to our kids and talk about how JESUS rose on the third day.♥
♥We always go to Church but especially on Easter Sunday.♥
♥♥♥ It's not about the Candy or the eggs but it is about JESUS our savior dying on the CROSS and then RISING on the third day ♥♥♥

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