Thursday, September 6, 2012

New beginnings!

Hey everyone,
I haven't been on in a really long time because when we moved I lost my login information! (I can be a bit forgetful!) Since the last time I posted there has been a LOT of BIG changes!
 First of all, we moved to a different house. It's not very big, but it is fine for us. We are renting, and our landlord is a pretty good guy. His son shares in the rental properties and he is a pretty good guy too. The neighborhood is nice and we like it here.
 We home schooled both of our boys through high school. Our oldest son, Riley, plays the drums in church, and is now married to our new daughter-n-law, Britney, and has a one year old daughter, Amaya, and a two year old son, Ayden, ....SO we are also getting used to being a Mother-n-law and Father-n-law and Papa and Memaw! We do love our children and our grandbabies! The only problem is, now Riley, Britney, and the babies are all getting ready to move to Texas! Now we have to get used to them all not being around! We sure are gonna miss them! It will seem weird without them here. I have a feeling there will be a few tears in the following days! :-) Riley and Britney are both 20 years old and are wanting to eventually be youth Pastors. We would appreciate your prayers for them as they go through this new transition in their lives that God will lead them, protect them, draw them closer to him...closer to each other....and closer to their loved ones. We would also like you to pray that God leads them to a great new church and great new jobs there that will support their little family. Riley does a great job on drawing, is interested in martial arts and spent several years doing martial arts, tumbling, and soccer when we lived in Arkansas. He also played baseball for a few years.
 Our younger son, Joshua, is 17 years old (almost 18) and he recently got his GED and is looking into going to ITT Tech in Tulsa Oklahoma. He is on the Teen advisory board for a Christian TEEN Magazine called Devozine. It is a devotional magazine for youth and youth Pastor's written by youth! Here is a statement from Josh: "I'm really looking forward to what God's going to be using me and my life for! So far I am a Teen Advisory Board member for Devozine [] and a User Support Advocate for YouVersion [], as well as having the honor and privilege of being a Junior Volunteer at Eternity Fraternity here in Wagoner! I can't wait to see what amazing things God has planned for me next! :D" Josh also runs the sound at our church, helps in the kids class, plays the bass guitar sometimes, ministers sometimes at our church and at the local Christian youth center, plays the drums sometimes, is an assistant coach/helper for our children's ministers five year old daughter's soccer team and sometimes helps with our fourteen year old daughter's soccer team as well. He also helps me some with our two daughter's homeschooling and online school. Joshua is dating our Children's minister's daughter, Amanda. They are a cute couple. Joshua is interested in graphic design, business administration, and things like that. When we lived in Arkansas, he played a lot of sports! He did tumbling, played soccer, basketball, and baseball. He helped the teacher a few times in Riley and my husband Roger's martial arts class. 
 Our oldest daughter, Stevie Jean, is 14 years old. She will be doing online school this year and will be in the 8th grade. She will be doing soccer both through the Wagoner soccer club and through the school. She leads our praise and worship at church, helps in the kids classes, loves music and loves to sing.She has a passion for photography, art, and pretty much anything creative! She has a heart for God and is a very giving young lady, full of compassion. She has her own blog which you can get to by clicking HERE . She also used to play soccer, do tumbling,  and play basketball and softball, when we lived in Arkansas. She loves to exercise and push herself! She promised her daddy she wouldn't have a boyfriend until she is at least 15 years old. 
 Our youngest daughter, Angel, is eleven years old and I am still homeschooling her. She likes to do photography too but is just learning how to do it. She likes to draw sometimes, plays soccer, and used to play soccer, basketball, and softball, and do tumbling when we lived in Arkansas. She plays the bongos in church sometimes and she can also play the regular drums and the electric drums a little. She is excited about doing school this year...I hope she keeps that attitude throughout the year! will make school much easier and more enjoyable. lol 
 Our big changes that we have had since last time I posted is that we moved to a new house, changed our churches name to Impact church, our oldest son, Riley, got married and has two babies...making us new grandparents, our son Josh got his GED and may be starting ITT Tech, our oldest daughter, Stevie Jean, is starting 8th grade online this Monday, and I am now down to homeschooling one child! I have had 4 children, plus usually many extra children, at home 24/7 for most of their lives!...This will be A big change for me to get used to! lol Also, my husband, Roger, got a new job at a Christian college. He also works a couple of days a week at a grocery store and Pastor's Impact Church.
 Well, I guess this catches us up on what has went on for the past couple of years since I last posted. I will try to post more often now! Hopefully, my post won't be so long next time due to not logging in for so long and I'll keep up with my login information this time! :-) God Bless you all and have a nice day!